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Please read and agree to all the below. 1. MINIMUM WAGE: The organization must offer jobs that pay a base salary equal to or greater than a minimum wage. This base salary must take the form of a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly wage, comprised of a set hourly, weekly, or monthly rate. 2. NO COMMISSION-ONLY JOBS: The organization must not recruit for jobs that offer commission-only compensation. 3. NO PURCHASE REQUIREMENT: The organization must not require prospective employees to purchase products or services contingent upon their employment with that company. 4. NO MULTI-LEVEL TYPE NETWORKING STRUCTURE: The organization is not involved in a "pyramid" or multi-level type networking structure. 5. ADEQUATE EMPLOYEE PROTECTION: The organization must provide adequate protection to the employee through Worker's Compensation and/or liability insurance. 6. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: The organization must be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Students and alumni will be accepted and assigned to job opportunities and will otherwise be treated without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or disability, to the extent required by federal, state, and local laws. 7. FAIR LABOR STANDARDS: The organization has read, understood, and agreed to comply with the US Department of Labor's Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act ( 8. IMAGE RELEASE: The organization and its registered representatives and/or any individual(s) who will represent the organization at De Anza Job Fair Club's ("DAJFC") event(s), consent to and authorize the use by the DAJFC of: any and all photographs, video, voice recordings, or other media taken of them including derivative works thereof (collectively, the “Images”), any reproduction of them in any form in any media whatsoever, whether now known or hereafter created, throughout the world in perpetuity; the use of their names or likeness; an assigned fictitious name, in connection with the exhibition, distribution, merchandising, advertising, exploiting and/or publicizing of Images or DAJFC. 9. PRIVACY: The organization may only use the De Anza Job Fair Club’s (DAJFC) event attendees' information or any other information from the DAJFC solely for employment purposes only. The organization understands that it may not use, share, and/or distribute the information it receives from the DAJFC for any other purposes. 10. CHANGES: The De Anza Job Fair Club reserves the right to make changes to its events, policies, and guidelines without prior warning.
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